Healthy Smiles

Helping you achieve optimal oral health is our primary concern

Good oral health and beautiful smiles are the cornerstones of our practice.  We care about more than your teeth—we care about you and we are committed to helping you make informed decisions about your dental care that will lead to better dental and general health.  These decisions are based on solid science, an understanding of your dental needs and the smile you want.

Dental Comforts

Our goal is to help our patients enjoy a comfortable dental experience.  We provide you many resources from which to choose to ensure that your visit is as relaxed as possible.  For example we have IPods with many music selections, blankets, heated neck and shoulder wraps and massaging chairs. We offer paraffin wax hand treatments and warm towels after your treatment is complete

Safety Precautions

We use state-of -the-art sterilization procedures, using disposable items whenever possible.  We comply with OSHA and ADA regulations to ensure your health and safety.  Our up to date sterilization center assures proper handling of all instruments.

When you visit our office, you can feel confident that your health, and ours, is protected

Dental Emergencies

In the event of a dental emergency we are always available.  If you phone the office after hours you will be directed to the person on call.  They will return you call as soon as possible.  Our coverage is 24/7.



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We reserve your appointment time exclusively for you. We value your time by being punctual and ask that you value ours as well.

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