Going Green at Holly Tree Dental

Going Green at Holly Tree Dental

We at Holly Tree Dental are very aware of our environment.  In our dental world “disposable” is a key word, and although it is necessary for us to use “one time use” products, we try very hard to recycle as much as possible.

Some of the ways we are trying to preserve our planet are:

  • Recycling all our paper and plastics
  • Using companies that package in a environmentally friendly way
  • Requesting from our suppliers that they not use packaging that cannot be recycled.
  • Using mugs for our personal use instead of Styrofoam cups for our coffee.
  • We have installed a special filtration system to allow environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings to prevent pollution of our water system.
  • We take digital images routinely which requires 75-90% less radiation, and uses no toxic chemicals as it does in the developing of traditional x-rays.
  • We use only steam based instrument sterilizers which contain no harmful chemicals.
  • Our computers are placed into a “stand by mode” at night.
  • We try to think before printing, using both sides of the paper, and printing in “draft mode” whenever possible which uses less ink.
  • We use recycled paper as much as possible.
  • Our new faucets and toilets use less water.
  • All our Thermostats are on timers.

We are always looking for other ways to save, preserve, re-use and recycle. Let us know if you have some ideas.


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