New Patients

Unless your initial contact with us is for an emergency, your first several appointments will most likely be different from what you have experienced in other dental offices.  We feel that one of the most important services we can offer is a thorough examination.  Together we will learn the status of your oral health and, if need be, will make treatment recommendations to help you to achieve your goals.  Our wish is to provide you with complete information so that you will be informed and can make appropriate choices for your future care.

Your comprehensive evaluation will consist of an initial discussion of your concerns, expectations, medical and dental histories as well as any questions you may have regarding our practice.  We will then take any mutually agreed upon diagnostic records.  These may consist of radiographs, models of your teeth and photographs.

A periodontal evaluation will follow.  This is a procedure that permits us to record the depth of the tiny spaces between your teeth and gums.  We also complete a microscopic evaluation which provides additional data and allows us to determine if you are “at risk” for gum disease in the future.  If we determine that disease associated with bacteria and pocketing is present, we will discuss your possible courses of action towards a better state of periodontal health.

At your second visit, the doctor will review your diagnostic records and do a complete examination of your teeth, bite, jaw joints, an oral cancer screening and a smile analysis.  This time together will allow for an exchange of conversation, so feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have.  Any treatment recommendations, as well as fees, will be discussed with you.

We want these appointments to be informative, understandable, and useful for you.  This is representative of the quality of dentistry provided in our office.  We have a firm belief that this is an appropriate way for us to begin our relationship together.  We look forward to seeing you!

Health History

Informed Consent

Acknowledgement of Privacy Practice


Our regular office hours:

Monday 8-7

Tuesday 8-5

Wednesday 8-2

Thursday 8-5

Friday 7-1

We reserve your appointment time exclusively for you. We value your time by being punctual and ask that you value ours as well.

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